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Fully Insured and Bonded Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Service Experts in Dawsonville, GAPicking a Tree Removal Company
with Insurance... Does It Really Matter?

What is the difference between a professional tree removal service and an amateur with a pick up truck and a chainsaw? That is the question homeowners should ask before they hire any tree removal company to perform dangerous tree removal services.

Did you know that many tree removal companies working in Dawsonville and the surrounding counties do not have insurance for property damage or injury? Hiring one of these companies means taking a financial risk that is not necessary.

You Could Be Held Liable for
Property Damage and Injuries

If something happens to your or your neighbor's home or property, you could be held liable for the damages if your tree removal company does not have the proper insurance. The situation can get even worse if contractors are injured on your property. You could be sued for damages.

The Solution

The easy solution is to use a fully insured and bonded company such as Dawson Tree Experts, LLC to perform your tree removal jobs. They have invested in property and injury insurance so their clients will not have to worry. Copies available upon request.

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