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How to Spot Problems with Your Tree

Tree Removal Service Experts in Atlanta, GA. Dawson Tree ExpertsSick trees can be dangerous for you and your house. They can fall and cause injury to people or damage to property. If they hit utility lines they can cause power outages, surges, or fires. It is your responsibility to provide for the safety of the trees on your property. Even though most trees are valuable assets for our yards, some need to be pruned or removed for safety reasons. If you think you might have a tree that needs to be removed, you should call Dawson Tree Experts. We offer reliable services that are in line with your budget and tree removal needs.

Here are some signs to look for
to see if your tree is sick:

  1. The tree is leaning
  2. Large dead branches
  3. Detached branches hanging from the tree
  4. Branches that have fallen from the tree
  5. Insect damage
  6. Discolored or wilting leaves
  7. Decayed areas
  8. Hollow areas
  9. Cracks or splits in the trunk or limbs
  10. Sawdust around the trunk or roots
  11. Mushrooms growing at the base of the tree
  12. Many branches are coming form one point on the trunk

The following changes to your property often can cause damage including:

  1. Broken, injured, or damaged roots from installing pavement, repairing sidewalks, digging trenches, or from a lowered soil level
  2. Damage from construction
  3. Damage from lawn maintenance such as heavy pruning or grading of the lawn
  4. Flooding